Researchers, academicians, and service providers alike must survive in a “publish or perish” environment, made more challenging by time famine and other exigencies. Extending the impact of our written words is indispensable to obtain funding, to bring proposed projects to fruition, to achieve tenure and advance professionally, and to uphold ethical standards in serving those whose lives we aim to improve. Editing and translation, then, are essential steps in writing for academic, professional, and public audiences.

I have proven ability to:

• Concretize work in writing
• Adapt and prepare work for printed, electronic, and in-person dissemination
• Review submissions for publication in professional journals
• Translate work for sharing with English/Spanish-speaking audiences


My experience centers on translation of documents from Spanish to
English and editing documents (articles, chapters, abstracts, presentations, proposals, reports) in both languages for:
• Publication in juried professional journals
• Presentation in professional forums
• Consideration by funding organizations
My editing and translating skills are evident in my:
• Published articles in English and Spanish on multiple topics PublicationsandPresentations
• Professional papers and posters PublicationsandPresentations
• Collaboration in drafting successful institutional and personal grant proposals CVandExperience


2012-present Reviewer for Medical Anthropology Quarterly
2006-present Reviewer for Social Science & Medicine
2007-2008 Guest editor for Practicing Anthropology
2007-2008 Reviewer for Anthropology & Medicine