My lifework has been dedicated to the study of health and culture, which allows me to offer:

  1. A solid practical and theoretical foundation based on coursework and in-field training in medical anthropology, international health, reproductive health, gender, elder well-being, and participatory research and public health planning.
  2. The bicultural perspective and fluent bilingual (Spanish/English) skills of a ‘cultural hybrid,’ a result of my decade-long living experience in Mexico.
  3. Deep roots and a strong professional and personal network in Chiapas, Mexico and ideal site for exploring the interwoven issues of demographic shifts, health, and development, as well as for hosting visitors interested in the region.
  4. Research capacity based on thirty years of applying medical anthropology approaches, paying close attention to social inequity in health, and utilizing participatory and community-based methods.
  5. Publications and presentations on multiple topics, including diabetes, reproductive health, gender relations and violence, household production of health, elder health, participatory research methods, social capital and well-being, domestic service, health and care in Mexican and U.S. Hispanic/Latino populations, youth risk and prevention behavior, and local public health strategic planning.
  6. Insight gained from long-term research collaboration with a non-profit health research center, academic institutions, industry partners, government organizations, and civil society.
  7. Knowledge and teaching skills necessary to instruct and mentor students at all levels in these topics, and demonstrated commitment to integrating teaching and research.
  8. Active involvement in professional networks in Mexico and the United States.
  9. Proven ability to secure and manage funding.

Research Areas

Medical, sociocultural, and applied anthropology; global health; public health; health equity (gender, age, income, citizenship); social relationships and determinants of health as applied in public health; social capital; household production of health; community-based participatory research; diabetes; elder health and care; youth risk and prevention; gender and health; reproductive health; stratified reproduction; health behavior and care in U.S. Hispanic/Latino and Mexican populations

Commitment to integrating teaching and research | Vision | Biosketch